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The Blend is proudly East City, wanting to celebrate the area’s diversity and develop a relaxed hub for meet-ups and chance encounters 

Photos by Frank Maritz

Established in 2012 and with a loyal following it’s become a champion amongst Cape Town’s many quality coffee houses and recently given the title of 5th best coffee shop in Cape Town. We supply coffee from a few of Cape Town’s top coffee roasters  – We’ve already snagged Bootlegger, Deluxe, Flatmoutain and we have our own blend unique to us called ‘The Blend’. With a warm, vintage New York look and feel, snappy and sensibly- priced breakfasts, sandwiches, plus heartier meals, locals are already making The Blend in Roeland Street, their local. 

Amongst Cape Town café’s, The Blend is proudly East City, wanting to celebrate the area’s diversity and develop a relaxed hub for meet-ups and chance encounters of all kinds. With a chic interior design that melts modern lines with stripped-back, rustic flourishes. Big chalkboards simply state what’s up in the kitchen. Snappy breakfasts, banting omelettes, winter specials of the day, gourmet sandwiches, cold pressed juices, and many more meals all prepared fresh daily divide the menu neatly into vegetarian, fish, chicken, beef, and pork options. There are always a few surprises to be had, too, so keep your eyes peeled and your mouth open when you head to hang out at The Blend. Of course, the coffee is the centre of our turning world. We already stock more than your usual number of bean-brands. Focusing on Cape Town’s plethora of quality independent coffee roasters –Bootlegger,  Flatmoutain, OrganicAfrican and our own Blend – The Blend aims to bring in even more in order to provide ardent coffee drinkers with the most flexible range of single origin and, of course, blended coffee experiences. With reasonable prices, unfussy but exciting menu, and an endless, hot stream of the good ol coffee whipped up by our expert baristas, Zonnebloem’s The Blend is fast becoming Roeland Street’s hottest coffee shop. 





+27 73 831 0547


79 Roeland Street
Cape Town


M-Fr 7am-4pm
Sa Closed
Su closed




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The power of raw cold pressed juice.  Freshly extracted fruit and vegetables. This liquid fuel contains more vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, natural fats, amino acids, anti-oxidants,  and enzymes then a juice through a standard juicer. Pressed juice is simply the closest thing to raw, pure fruit or vegetables, and allows you to get a concentrated amount of nutrients that would otherwise be difficult to achieve just by eating raw fruits and vegetables alone.